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Why We Weigh Heavily On Bottoms?

Why We Weigh Heavily On Bottoms?

I’ve always had difficulty shopping for pants that fit. Even more challenging is finding the specific fit and cut I have in mind. Growing up a tomboy, I have always loved wearing pants, however I did not ‘discover’ them until I was 5 years old.

During a family shopping trip, my mom, out of the blue, told me to try on a pair of pants. She ‘disclosed’ that girls could wear pants too. Little did she realize her unintended encouragement would change the course of my life. You know what they say about wearing the pants – you take charge! Since then, I’ve always walked the path of the unconventional.  My mom regretted what she did on that fateful day. She would nag about my not wearing dresses. Her idea of being a girl was to wear dresses or skirts because that was (and still is) the norm. I remembered thinking to myself, said who? Being the defiant daughter that I was, I went all out to make sure I wore pants everywhere I went, and took charge of my own “fashion” choices. I felt so much more at ease and comfortable in pants. I could sit, stand and run comfortably in them. No more skirts and dresses for sure.

Fast-forward to the present day, I held true to myself, and still very much prefer pants. My mom still nags me about this. About the only time my friends and family will ever see me in a dress is at formal events like weddings. However great fitting pants are surprisingly elusive. I’ve had tremendous difficulty finding one that actually fits well, not to mention I also have specific requirements on the cut and fit, which makes it even more challenging to find the perfect pair. They needed to be comfortable, loosely fitted with a boxy silhouette that should exude a sense of unconventional chic. I was faced with pants that sit too high on my waist with a curvy cut too roomy in the hips and uncomfortable short rise, or too low on my waist resulting in droopy fabric right below the derrière. The fit was either uncomfortable or unflattering. Simply put, I wanted men’s pants! The idea was fresh and cool in my opinion, because most women don’t wear men’s clothes. I would purchase them in a heartbeat if they would fit. Cursed (or blessed) with a smaller frame, even women’s pants can hardly fit me, not to mention men’s.

I began to question and challenge the “tried-and-true” conventions for womenswear. Being the trained defiant person, I was convinced womenswear could be both comfortable and flattering while maintaining the au courant aesthetic. Driven by this vision, I left my corporate tech job and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles. I was fortunate to have interned at an established fashion house based in Los Angeles and honed my skill. In 2015, 2WN was founded as an antidote to gender-rigid fashion.

2WN focuses on designs that are comfortable, functional, unaffected and modern. We blend a masculine design aesthetic with impeccable fit and finish. Menswear has always been designed for comfort and practicality in mind. Defined by this concept and unconventional attitude, we create pieces that are comfortable to wear from day to night, functional with multiple usable pockets for everyday essentials and unaffected silhouettes for the modern chic. You will never look like wearing your grandpa’s pants.

2WN believes in gender fluidity. A woman should not conform to the archaic social norms of fashion. No more womenswear, it is time for modern wear for all!

2WN Ren Pants and Nels Shirt

Ren pants paired with Nels Contrast Mesh Top

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